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Python Mini Projects - User Management System - Free Download

Greetings from the  QuickstartDev  team!!! We provide student projects, mini-projects, MVP products etc... absolutely free. Maybe you can build more on top of this project and produce your own product, that's all about you. Project 1: User Management System - Python + Angular + MongoDB 1. Objective Of Python + Angular + MongoDB On User Management System The main objective of this project is to manage the details of the user. Admin will manage all these activities. 2. Functionalities Admin has permission to add new users, update users, view users, delete users. 3. Technologies Used Python Flask pymongo MongoDB 4. Architecture Angular Client sends HTTP Requests and retrieves HTTP Replications utilizing HTTPClient, consuming data on the components. Angular Router is utilized for navigating to pages.  Python Flask exports REST APIs & interacts with MongoDB Database using PyMongo 5. User Interface View all users A dd new user Update user View user 6. A Quick Overview Of The Technolo

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